Kind Pen Twist Vape Battery + Smart USB 🔋

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If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish vape pen battery that’s compatible with all sorts of cartridges, then The Kind Pen Twist Vaporizer is the one for you! This classy vaporizer pen is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy their oils and extracts in fashion. The Ooze Slim Pen Twist Vaporizer features a 400mAh battery with a dial on the bottom that you can twist to select precision heat settings between 2-4 volts. 

Kind Pen Twist Vape Battery

The Kind Pen Twist Vaporizer has a preheat mode activated by clicking the power button twice. The battery will heat for 15 seconds in preheat mode without needing to hold the button down. The Kind Pen smart USB charger is included with each vape pen and has built-in overcharge protection. The charger automatically shuts off as soon as the battery reaches a full charge, which significantly extends the life of each vape pen. With its powerful battery and smart USB charging capabilities, the Kind Pen Twist Battery is always ready to go when you are!

Kind Pen Twist Vape Battery

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Kind Pen Twist Vaporizer Battery
Twist to Change Temps (2-4 volts)
Designed for Pre-Filled Cartridges
Precision Temperature Control
Universal 510-Threading
Smart USB Charger
400mAh Battery
Auto-Shut Off
Rapid Charge

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