Invincipole Indestructible Universal Downstem

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Color: Onyx (Black)
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Whether you’re tired of trying to measure broken downstems, or perhaps prefer different water levels in your bong, the Invincipole Indestructible Universal Downstem is here to save the day! This unique adjustable downstem from Invincibowl can extend anywhere from 3” to 5 3/4” inches in length and is compatible with any 14mm and 18mm joint beaker bong or straight-based water pipe with a 45° joint angle. This downstem is indestructible and is constructed with aluminum, so you’ll never have to replace your downstem again. The Invincipole Universal Downstem features a diffuser that expertly filters your smoke through water for the smoothest hits.

Invincipole Indestructible Universal Downstem

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Invincipole Indestructible Universal Downstem
Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Body
Adjustable 3-5 3/4” inch Length
Diffuser Downstem
Easy to Clean
Choice of Colors
Replacement Water Pipe Downstem
Holds 14mm Male Bowls/Accessories
Fits Inside 14mm & 18mm Female Joints

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