Honeybee Herb Yellow Line Honeysuckle Bubble Bevel Quartz Banger

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Size: 14mm
Gender: Male
Angle: 90-Degree
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A dabber can never have enough bangers in their collection. Whether your banger got too dirty or broke, HoneyBee Herb Yellow Line Bangers are the perfect replacement. The Yellow Line Quartz Bangers have almost all the same features as the superior Black Line but at a cheaper price point. HoneyBee’s Yellow Line Bangers come in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joint sizes, male or female genders, and 45-degree or 90-degree angles. Each Yellow Line Banger has a unique style to match different dabbing techniques and preferences. Get the HoneyBee Herb Yellow Line Banger which is crafted with premium quartz to produce a satisfying dabbing experience.
Honeybee Herb Black Line Quartz Banger

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Honeybee Herb Yellow Line Banger
Crafted for Extra Large Dabs
Highest Quality Quartz
Oil Accessory
Polished Joint
All Joint Sizes
All Joint Angles
Fits Female Joints
Low Temp Dabbing
Scientific Quartz Banger
Fits Female or Male Joints

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