Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

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Handcrafted in the USA from extra-thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig Kit delivers smooth, powerful dabs through unprecedented water filtration. A diffuser downstem with multiple slits was engineered for finer bubbles to ensure optimal moisture conditioning, while the pure quartz banger extracts true flavor from your wax concentrates. This extra-thick and durable dab rig is highly thermal-resistant to prevent cracking or breakage while ensuring excellent vapor quality. Each Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is sold in a reusable collector’s case for safe storage and transport when needed, complete with a full set of essential dabbing tools, including a concentrate container and glass UFO carb cap.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig

Featuring a completely sealed airpath designed with minimal drag, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig promotes the ideal airflow for waxy oils. The compact chamber with tight passageways gives vapor no time to lose its potency and flavor, while the flared mouthpiece is tailored for optimal suction to enable a deeper chug. We recommend filling the Higher Standards Dab Rig with water to one-third of its capacity, just above the fixed diffuser downstem. The water chamber can be easily filled or emptied through the mouthpiece for painless and hassle-free cleaning.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

A premium collector’s box offers safe storage and includes two high-quality dabber tools while a quad-compartment silicone wax container allows you to store multiple strains of wax concentrates in one convenient place. The extra-thick quartz banger is designed to retain heat longer while vaporizing wax at lower temperatures. This minimizes combustion to ensure smoother, tastier rips. More durable than glass, the quartz banger won’t easily break or crack under high heat and is equipped with a deep dish that allows for clean, efficient dabbing. The included glass UFO carb cap offers full control over the airflow and size of each dab. The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig is dressed to impress from top to bottom, setting a higher standard for premium glass dab rigs.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit
Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass
100% Quartz Banger Nail
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Ergonomic Mouthpiece
Thick Durable Design
14mm Female Joint
Compact Size
7” inches Tall
Airtight Seal 
Easy to Clean
Two Dabber Tools
Glass UFO Carb Cap
All-in-One Dabbing Kit
Ground Glass Connections
Extra Thick Scientific Glass Rig
Quad-Compartment Silicone Storage
Reusable Travel-Friendly Storage Box
American Made Glass [NYC, New York]

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

Box Includes:

1 x Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig
1 x Premium Quartz Banger
1 x Glass UFO Carb Cap
1 x Large Dab Tool
1 x Small Dab Tool
1 x Concentrate Container
1 x Reusable Collector’s Box

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