Grav® 90-Degree Oil Reclaimer

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Reduce, reuse, recycle! This sleek glass oil reclaimer from Grav is the perfect tool for getting the most out of your wax concentrates while working to keep your dab rig clean. Oil reclaimers save you time & money by gathering oil resins that would typically build up inside your glass dab rig, and instead collect them in a convenient dish at the bottom of the adapter. This wonderful game-changing accessory then allows you to reuse the oils that are deposited within the small glass jar at the base! The Grav 90-degree Oil Reclaimer features a 14mm male joint that fits snugly into any 14mm female joint connection, while the 90-degree joint angle pairs best with water pipes that also have a 90-degree joint connection. Made from super clean, clear scientific glass with a sandblasted GRAV decal on the side, this handy dabbing accessory comes complete with the glass adapter, reclaim cap, and a plastic keck clip for keeping the glass oil jar securely attached while in use. 

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Grav® 90-degree Oil Reclaimer
Male Joint - fits Female Joints
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Included Reclaim Cap 
Colored Keck Clip
Reclaim Catcher
Clear Glass
Recycles Oil
90° Joint Angle
14mm Male Joint
Keeps your Rig Clean
Grav Labs Glass Adapter
Scientific Glass Oil Reclaimer
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

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