Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler
Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler
Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler
Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler
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Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler

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The Conical Pocket Bubbler is one of the latest innovations from Grav’s new line of pocket pieces. Designed to add a layer of moisture-conditioning to your blunts & pre-rolled joints, the Grav Conical Bubbler will keep your rips cool while on the move. This pocket bubbler measures just 2.5” inches tall and is equipped with a large enough chamber to provide thorough filtration. The ergonomic design includes a sidecar straw mouthpiece that further cools each rip by extending the air path your smoke will travel, and the 10mm female joint will conveniently fit a bowl or banger for use with dry herbs or wax concentrates if you so wish. Snag the Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler today and start enjoy smooth filtered rips from your joints & blunts without compromising portability!

Grav Conical Joint/Blunt Bubbler

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Conical Pocket Bubbler
Fits Blunts, Pre-Rolls & Joints
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Sidecar Straw Mouthpiece
10mm Female Joint
Diffuser Downstem
Conical Design
2.5” inches Tall
Etched Grav Decal
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Fits 10mm Bowls or Bangers*
Thick Glass Joint & Blunt Bubbler
American Made Glass [Austin, TX]

* Note: 10mm Bowl Piece/Banger not included.

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