Glasshouse Terp Vacuum Banger

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The Terp Vacuum Banger is one of the largest bangers from Glasshouse and is built to deliver thick and tasty dab rips. Unlike traditional bangers, the dabs should be dropped externally on the glass tube rather than inside the bucket. In addition to the banger, this set includes a UV capsule that goes inside the glass tube and a UV medium marble that sits inside the bucket that both work to disrupt airflow and evenly vaporize your concentrates. It also comes with a large UV marble that sits on top of the bucket section and acts as a carb cap for more control of airflow. This banger has a 14mm Male joint which fits a female joint and a 90-degree joint angle to pair with oil rigs that also have a 90-degree joint connection. The standard Terp Vacuum Banger comes in clear glass but if you are looking for a banger that holds heat a little longer the frosted version is recommended.

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Glasshouse Terp Vacuum Banger
Male Joint fits Female Joints
20mm Diameter Top
Thick Quartz Glass
Medium Marble
Glass Capsule
Large Marble
90° Joint Angle
Extra Deep Dish
14mm Male Joint
Terp Slurper Design
Supports Low-Temp Dabs

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