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Introducing the Genius Evolution Slider, a new sliding piece for the Genius Pipe that enables easier access to the bowl, improved airflow, and more options for customizing your smoking sessions. The Genius Evolution Slider plays an integral part in using the Genius Pipe. This anodized steel plate magnetically attaches to the face of the Genius Pipe, sliding up to reveal the bowl, and back down to cover it. The Genius Evolution Slider offers a larger bowl size and better airflow. When the Genius Slider is slid open, the round opening makes for a deeper bowl and improves airflow for efficient burning of your dry herb.

The Genius Evolution Slider features two holes through which you can burn your herb: A large round hole for longer sessions and bigger hits, and a smaller cut-out (shaped like the Genius Pipe logo), which enables smaller hits. The Genius Pipe Evolution Slider also enables easier packing. You don't need to remove the Genius Slider to load the bowl. Just slide the Genius Evolution Slider over and pack the Genius Pipe.

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Genius Pipe Evolution Slider
Made to fit any Genius Pipe
Choice of Black or Silver
Creates a Deeper Bowl
High Grade Metal
Easier Loading
Better Airflow

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