Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe rethinks the traditional hand pipe with an innovative waterless filter. By sifting smoke through millions of metal vertices, the Genius Pipe delivers a smoother, cooler, and cleaner hit on-the-go. There’s no hassle of filling the pipe with water, and the conveniently pocket friendly build enables a travel-friendly smoking experience. Genius Pipe is available in a variety of colors and styles. There’s a Genius Pipe for everyone, but each pipe offers a fundamentally cleaner, more convenient way to smoke dry herb.

Genius Pipe’s waterless filter consists of two magnetically attached plates with a third slider plate to cover the bowl. The interior surface of both filter plates is imprinted with a patented dimple design that becomes a million tiny airpaths when the two plates are attached. Smoke sifts through these vortices, which capture particulates along the way to filter each hit. The smoke cools as it travels along this intricate airpath, delivering a more comfortable draw.