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Introducing the AERIS, a compact dabbing device that fits right into your pocket yet packs the mighty Intelli-Core technology. This pocket-sized powerhouse is small enough to be highly portable but engineered to deliver impressively large clouds of vapor. It's the smart choice for on-the-go dab enthusiasts, simplifying the process with its user-friendly interface—just a couple of clicks, and you’re ready to enjoy. Designed with both sturdiness and style, the AERIS boasts a sleek, ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand, enhancing the overall user experience. This device is not just an evolution in vaporizer technology; it's a revolution, allowing you to enjoy supreme convenience wherever you go, anytime, and with anyone.
At the heart of the AERIS is their advanced Intelli-Core™ atomizer, which features 360-degree heating and a full-sized chamber for your concentrates, enabling extraordinary vapor production from such a compact device. Its compatibility across Focus V devices means more flexibility for you to switch atomizers as needed. Crafted from stainless steel and protected by a durable silicone shell, the AERIS is built to withstand the demands of active outdoor lifestyles. Its magnetic mouthpiece attaches seamlessly, providing both security and ease of use.
The AERIS also offers a wide temperature range of 365-600 degrees, allowing you to tailor your dabbing experience to your preferred intensity. Customize your vaporizer's LED lights, enjoy the interactive experience by collecting XP, and compete on the leaderboard for top honors. Equipped with a removable battery system, the AERIS ensures that you're always powered up and ready to go, making it the perfect companion for concerts, festivals, boating, hiking, and any other adventure. Experience the ultimate in portable dabbing with AERIS.

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