Empire Glassworks “Pink Mochi Donut” Hand Pipe 🍩

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The Empire Glassworks Pink Mochi Donut is a true one-of-a-kind glass pipe that is sure to add some sweetness to your collection. The Pink Mochi Donut Hand Pipe features a unique hybrid design with a deep bowl on the front more similar to a chillum, and a built-in air carb hole on the side more commonly found on spoon-style hand pipes. The air carb provides you with full control over the size of each rip while the circular donut-shaped air path naturally works to split your smoke in two directions, allowing each hit to travel a longer distance for maximum cooling. 

Each Pink Mochi Donut Hand Pipe features meticulously handcrafted details made from thick borosilicate glass and custom mixed colors that bring this pipe to life. These handmade accents include icing, cereal flakes, and a pink glazed donut topping. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, enjoy this match made in heaven today with your very own Empire Glassworks Pink Mochi Donut Hand Pipe!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Empire Glassworks Pink Mochi Donut Hand Pipe 
Premium Borosilicate Glass Hand Pipe
Cereal & Glazed Icing Accents
Worked Pink Glazed Topping
3.5” inch Diameter
Highly Detailed
Deep Bowl
Thick Glass
Left-Side Air Carb
Mochi Donut Themed
Individually Handcrafted*
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Hybrid Spoon/Chillum Design

American Made Glass [Placentia, CA]

*Note: Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted down to the finest detail leading to slight variations in color & design. Each piece comes out slightly different than the last, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind!  

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