Dual Quartz Banger Double Bucket Nail

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Joint Size: 14mm
Joint Gender of Nail: Male
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Convert your dab rig or glass bong into a unique party rig with the Dual Quartz Banger Nail from CaliConnected! This state-of-the-art twin banger has two premium quartz buckets for double the dabs, one connected to directly to the joint and another fused to the opposite side. This well-engineered, fun-to-use accessory allows both bangers to be used at the same time for huge dabs from your favorite wax concentrates. The Double Dish Quartz Banger Nail is made from high-quality quartz for a much more durable build than your average glass nail while providing you with low-temp dabs that preserve the tastes of your extracts. This dab rig nail comes in 14mm or 18mm joint sizes, with both male or female gender connections available for use with any standard water pipe you wish. Grab the Dual Quartz Banger Double Dish Nail today from the best online head shop and enjoy a cheap replacement banger with twice the action of any other nail!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Dual Quartz Banger Double Dish Nail
Premium Quartz Materials
Tasty Low-Temp Dabs
90° Joint Angle
Novelty Item
Twin Bangers 
Polished Joints
Simultaneous Dabs
Male or Female Connections
14mm or 18mm Joint Sizes Available

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