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This limited edition vaporizer is not for the faint of heart. The Skunk Purple Switch is the latest color drop in the Limited Edition Switch Monochrome series from Dr. Dabber and features a vibrant, eye-catching purple shell with matching anodized purple knurling. Paired with some Granddaddy Purple, Purple Haze, or Purple Skunk, the Skunk Purple Switch will turn your world upside down. This bold statement piece is accompanied by limited edition skunk purple accessories, including Dr. Dabber’s newly designed glass carb cap and a matching anodized dabber tool, accessories not currently available with any other Switch on the market. The Dr. Dabber Switch Skunk Purple Edition is just as reliable as the original Switch Vaporizer, with the exception that this limited edition design will instantly showcase your bold taste for the extraordinary.

Dr. Dabber Switch Slime Green Edition E-Rig

Whether you're vaping particularly dense herbs or very viscous oils, the Dr. Dabber Switch Skunk Purple Edition has 25 carefully calibrated heat settings for handling any situation. These 25 heat settings aren't just a selling feature but allow for total customization over your vapor profiles. If you want an emphasis on flavor, there is a setting for that. If you prefer superior vapor density, there’s a setting for that too. If you want to crank it up for a cloudy experience, no problem. Running out of material at home and want to use a smaller amount than you normally do? Just turn it down a couple of notches. The Switch is designed by people who understand that no two hits are the same, just like no two flowers or oils are the same. The Switch’s versatility is simply astounding. The Switch Vaporizer has a generally simple to use interface, and Quick Reference Cards are also included to expedite any learning curve.

The Dr. Dabber Switch Skunk Purple Edition is capable of up to 150 uses on a single charge. These are not laboratory numbers; this is real life. For the average user, this means well over a week of use on a single charge. Add to that the convenience of pass-through charging that allows you to still use the vaporizer while it's plugged in and charging. This kind of efficiency and versatility in a device as powerful as the Switch is simply unheard of. Taking into account that a full charge takes only 60 minutes, it’s safe to say the Skunk Purple Dr. Dabber Switch is in a league of its own. Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection is built right into the unit so you know you’ll get the most out of your purchase. That’s also why Dr. Dabber is proud to offer an included 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all electronic components.

The patent-pending induction heating technology inside allows the Skunk Purple Edition Switch to heat to target temperatures in an incredibly short amount of time. We’re talking an average of 4 seconds (depending on the selected temperature). This sort of speed is simply not possible with traditional convection and conduction vaporizers. On top of that, the induction heating setup allows for the electronics to be completely sealed off from the heating element, meaning absolutely no possibility of mechanical failure due to leakage. You can literally pour water into the Switch's heating element, press the button, and bring the water inside the dish to a boil with no harm to electrical components inside. The Switch is NOT like other vaporizers. Make the switch today and do it in unprecedented style with the Dr. Dabber Switch Limited Edition Skunk Purple Vaporizer!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🌿🍯
Dr. Dabber Switch Skunk Purple Edition
Heavy Duty Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
Fast 4-Second Heat Up Time
25 LED Light Show Options
Anodized Purple Knurling 
Skunk Purple Shell
Intuitive Interface
25 Heat Settings
Self Cleaning Mode
Limited Edition Design
Auto Cool Down Cycles
150 Uses Per Single Charge
Dual Compatible E-Rig Vaporizer
2-Year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts
Matching Skunk Purple Accessories Included

Box Includes:

1 x Dr. Dabber Switch Skunk Purple Edition
1 x White Ceramic Induction Cup
1 x Black Ceramic Induction Cup
1 x Borosilicate Glass Bubbler 
1 x Reverse Action Tweezers
1 x Silicone Wax Container 
1 x Quick Reference Cards
1 x Ceramic Flower Filter
1 x Purple Dabber Tool
1 x Glass Carb Cap
1 x Switch Charger
1 x User Manual

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