Dopezilla 12” Cyclops Straight Tube Bong

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Color: Black
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Prepare yourself for this one-eyed giant that provides monstrous hits every use! Aptly named after the lawless race of one-eyed creatures seen in Greek and Roman mythology, the Cyclops Bong is a fan-favorite from Dopezilla’s Monster Edition water pipes collection. The name is derived from the donut-style ice catcher inside the body that looks like an eye while looking down the glass (from the top of the mouthpiece). This unique feature allows you to fill the straight tube with ice cubes for cooler hits! Simple and straightforward, the Cyclops bong features your classic straight tube design with your choice of colored glass accents on the mouthpiece, flared base, and included bowl piece. A removable downstem filters your smoke through water within the base and makes the Cyclops Bong one of the easiest pieces to clean in this collection. 

Dopezilla Cyclops Straight Tube Bong

The Dopezilla Cyclops Bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and measures 12” inches tall. Alternatively, this water pipe also comes in a more compact 8” inch version sold here. The Cyclops Bong arrives safely packaged within a custom collectors box and includes a thick glass 14mm bowl slide for your dry herbs. This 14mm male bowl piece matches your choice of colored accents on the bong and features a built-in handle for easily removing the bowl each hit. The Cyclops Water Pipe is complete with a black & gold Dopezilla decal on the neck and color matching Cyclops decal just above. Enjoy smooth, monster-like rips with the Dopezilla Cyclops Straight Tube Bong today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Dopezilla 12” Cyclops Water Pipe
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Clear Straight Tube Body
Donut-Style Ice Catcher
Diffuser Downstem
5mm Thick Glass
12” inches Tall
Easy to Clean
Colored Accents
Dopezilla Decals
4.5” Diameter Base
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Smaller 8” Cyclops Sold Here

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