LA Pipes 14” Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

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This is no smoke & mirrors act (well, maybe some smoke). The Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong from LA Pipes was designed for transforming harsh clouds of smoke into smooth, enjoyable hits. LA Pipes offers dependable American-made craftsmanship you can rely on and this piece is made with durable 4mm thick glass walls on 38mm diameter tubing. This Double Showerhead Beaker Bong stands 14” inches tall and features a removable 6-slit diffuser downstem that filters your smoke through water inside the base as you draw. 

Above the base, two UFO-style showerhead percolators housed inside separate glass chambers within the neck provide another two cycles of water filtration before your smoke can reach the mouthpiece. This stunning beaker bong is complete with a triple-pinch ice catcher inside the neck for adding ice, and the crystal clear borosilicate glass body is adorned with a black LA Pipes decal at the top. Snag a masterpiece of glasswork engineering that won't max out your credit card with the Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong from LA Pipes!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
LA Pipes Double Showerhead Beaker
Highest-Quality Borosilicate Glass
Two Showerhead Percolators
6-Slit Diffuser Downstem
Triple-Pinch Ice Catcher
38mm Glass Tubing
4mm Thick Glass
LA Pipes Decal
14” inches Tall
45° Joint Angle
Removable Parts
Round Mouthpiece
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Bowl Piece*
Thick Scientific Glass Bong
5” inch Diameter Beaker Base
American Made Glass [LA, CA]

*Note: Bowl piece style may vary from product photos.

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