Dip Devices Clam Shell Concentrate Container

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The Dip Devices Clam Shell Container is the perfect storage container for pairing with your Dipper Vaporizer. This wax storage container gets its name from the hinged plastic design that opens up just like a clam shell, offering easy access to your concentrates and allowing you vaporize your materials with your Dipper Vape Pen directly from within. The Dip Devices Clam Shell Concentrate Container features a hard plastic exterior that protects the medical-grade, non-stick silicone lining within. This unique wax storage container is great for keeping your wax concentrates safely on hand at all times whether you have a Dipper Vaporizer or not. 

Dip Devices Clam Shell Concentrate Container

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Designed for use with Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Dip Devices Clam Shell Storage Container
Pairs Great with the Dipper Vaporizer 
Premium Medical-Grade Silicone
Unique Clam Shell Design
Hard Plastic Exterior
Non-Stick Interior
Oil Accessory

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