Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer 🍯

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Get yourself the most superior device for enjoying wax concentrates with the Dipper Vaporizer. The Dipper Vape from Dip Devices is a unique and multi-functional vape pen that offers two distinct ways to enjoy your extracts. You can use the included Vapor Tip Atomizer to easily sip your waxy oils just like a honey collector or concentrate straw (except without the torch!). This innovative atomizer is the most simple and convenient way to dab without the need for any loading, eliminating the need for a large and messy dab station. Just uncap your concentrate storage container and dab directly from within!

Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer

If you wish to remain a bit more discreet, use the included Quartz Crystal Atomizer to add your concentrates directly into the Dipper Pen and enjoy powerfully smooth rips on-the-go. This high quality quartz atomizer will allow you to load the Dipper like a traditional pack-and-go vape pen while providing you with both tasty flavors & dab-like clouds from your wax concentrates. The atomizers were designed to eliminate messy loading, leaking & clogs, and will last up to 6 months with proper maintenance.

Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer

The Dipper Vaporizer by Dip Devices (formerly Dipstick Vapes) offers a great way to taste the true flavors of your dabs without sacrificing portability. Choose from a chrome, charcoal, or rose gold colored finish for an unprecedented high-class style that finely accents this vaporizer's unrivaled functionality. Lose the glass dab rig, butane torch, and even the loading tools & dabbing station with the most convenient all-in-one wax vape pen available, the Dipper Vaporizer!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
The Dipper Vaporizer by Dip Devices
High Grade Quartz Crystal Atomizer
Innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer
Concentrate Straw Vape
Micro-USB Charging
Instant-Heat Coil
Dual Functional
Handheld & Portable
Durable & Compact Design
Dual-Purpose Mouthpiece/Cap
1 Year No-Hassle Manufacturer Warranty

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