Dip Devices DipWhip Attachment

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Title: 10mm / Male
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The Dip Devices DipWhip is a unique smoking accessory designed to attach your Dipper Vaporizer to your favorite glass bongs and oil rigs for an extra layer of cooling power. This vape to bong whip attachment comes in multiple sizes that fit any standard size water pipe joint, with both male and female genders available. Working similarly to an e-nail or e-rig setup, the DipWhip attachment allows you to combine the smooth hits of a glass water pipe with the high quality dabs you’d expect from the Dipper Vaporizer Pen. 

Dip Devices DipWhip Attachment

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Dip Devices DipWhip Bong Attachment
Compatible with the Dipper Vaporizer
Multiple Joint Sizes Available
Male & Female Genders
High Quality Materials
Vape to Bong Adapter

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