Dip Devices 9ml Glass Concentrate Jar

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The Dip Devices 9ml Glass Concentrate Jar is the most convenient way to safely store your wax concentrates for use with your Dipper Vaporizer. This handy glass container provides an ideal surface for use with the Vapor Tip feature of the Dipper Vaporizer, allowing you to take dabs directly from the inside without any additional setup. While not in use, the Dip Devices 9ml Glass Concentrate Jar works great for storing your extracts in an airtight environment so they stay as fresh as the day you put them inside. 

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Designed for use with Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Dip Devices 9ml Glass Concentrate Jar 
Pairs Great with the Dipper Vaporizer
Perfect for Vapor Tip Attachment
Premium Borosilicate Glass
White Dip Devices Decal
Airtight Threaded Lid
Thick Clear Glass
Oil Accessory
9ml Volume

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