BoroTech 12" Honeycomb Fab Body Swiss Recycler 🌿🍯

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This premium BoroTech Glass Bong has everything you need to thoroughly enjoy massive rips from dry herbs & wax concentrates. Just as the name implies, this water pipe is equipped with a honeycomb perc at the base of the downstem that effectively filters your smoke through an abundance of extra tiny holes before making its way up to the Swiss percolator housed within the main chamber. This large and in-charge Swiss perc sits seemingly suspended in the uppermost part of the glass and successfully blocks the backsplash of water from entering the straight neck mouthpiece while you pull. The combination of these two percolators working together provides for for cool, tasty rips every hit.

A mid-size recycler that stands at 12” inches tall, this Borotech water pipe is a highly functional work of art. A golden implosion marble sits above the honeycomb perc for added style and the body is highlighted with Aqua colored glass accents on the base, Swiss percolator & mouthpiece, for a unique one-of-a-kind look you just can't find on any other piece. The downstem features a reinforced dewars joint decorated with worked Maria rings and includes both an 18mm glass bowl piece for dry herbs & 18mm quartz banger for your waxy concentrates. For optimal filtration & diffusion, we recommend you fill this rig about halfway up with water, just below the glass on glass reinforcement that supports the downstem.

Discontinued Collector’s Item:

Borotech became Honey Supply and still uses the same glass designs with rebranded colors & decals. Before the buyout, BoroTech created some of the highest quality American-Made glass around from their shop in Los Angeles, California, where they consistently produced top notch scientific bongs, oil rigs & bubblers. BoroTech always remained focused on creating affordable glassware that never sacrificed functionality or durability. We recovered this gem of a water pipe from our secret stash, added a quartz banger to make her dual compatible, and now offer it to you for a limited edition bong you simply can’t find anyplace else!

BoroTech Swiss Recycler Bongs

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🌿🍯
BoroTech Honeycomb Swiss Fab Recycler
High Quality Borosilicate Glass
Honeycomb Disc Percolator
Suspended Swiss Perc
Straight Neck
Fab Body
12" inches Tall
4” inch Wide Base
Dual Compatibility
18mm Female Joint
18mm Quartz Banger
18mm Glass Bowl Piece
Reinforced 90° Downstem
Gold BoroTech Decal
Golden Implosion Marble
Aqua Colored Glass Accents
American Made Glass [Los Angeles, CA]

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