BirthJays Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candles 🎂

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Let’s face it, your standard run-of-the-mill birthday candles are ultra boring. Take your birthday celebration to a higher level with BirthJays, the first ever Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candle! These innovative birthday candles effectively take the age-old fantasy of lighting joints on the top of your favorite stoners cake, and turn that dream into a sensational reality. BirthJays are extremely simple to use and fully functional as lightable birthday candles. Besides adding your preferred strain of dry herbs to the included pre-rolled cones, BirthJays have everything you need to decorate your cakes and desserts with Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candles. 

BirthJays Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candles

Each BirthJay Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candle includes a mini candle cap that gets placed on top of the pre-rolled cone for lighting. A separate plastic base holds the mouthpiece of your joint within the cake, without the need to plunge it into any icing (see below for more detail on how to use). Each pre-rolled cone is made from high quality hemp fiber papers with an included filter tip, sporting a festive multi-colored birthday design on the outside and measuring approximately 4” inches in length. Snag a single Birthjay or a convenient 5-Pack today and be the life of your next party with BirthJays Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candles!

BirthJays Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candle

How to Use:

Step 1: Grind the goods.

Step 2: Fill the pre-rolled BirthJay cone.

Step 3: Twist then fold BirthJay joint at the top.

Step 4: Place the included candle top on the joint.

Step 5: Place assembled candle in cake, cupcake, dessert, etc. 

Step 6: Light the candle(s) and sing Happy Birthday!

Step 7: Blow out the candle(s).

Step 8: Remove candle pieces from your joints.

Step 9: Enjoy your BirthJay joints!

WARNING: Your birthday parties may never be the same again (in a good way).

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs & Cakes 🌿🎂
BirthJays Joint Birthday Candles
Easy to Fill Pre-Rolled Cones*
4.5” inches Tall Assembled
Paper Length: 4” inches
Fun & Simple to Use
Convenient 5-Pack

Pre-Rolled Filter Tip
Great Gift for Stoners
Single Use Candle Tops
Candles/Cones per Pack: 5
Birthday Colored Rolling Papers
Plastic Bases & Candle Toppers Included
World’s First Pre-Rolled Joint Birthday Candle!

*Note: BirthJays are not filled. Please party responsibly.

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