Benji 2.2” 4-Piece Grinder

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The Benji 4-Piece Grinder has been precision engineered to provide you with a comfortable and convenient grinding experience every use. This grinder has an anodized aluminum finish that prevents metal from flaking, optimized threading to keep compartments tight, and a travel-ready magnetic top lid. This 4-Piece grinder features razor-sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that finely shred dry herb to an even consistency. The teeth glide through your material with ease and produce a nicely ground herb perfect for packing bowls or rolling. The Benji 4-Piece Grinder boasts an integrated pollen catcher and includes a convenient scraper tool inside the base. Benji also includes a booklet (20 papers) of their famous $100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers with each grinder. Get a grinder that has everything you need with the Benji 4-Piece Grinder today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Benji 2.2” 4-Piece Grinder
Built-In Pollen Screen
Anodized Aluminum
Kief Compartment
Ergonomic Grip
4-Part Design
2.2” Diameter
Pollen Catcher
Magnetic Top Lid
Included Scraper Tool
Diamond Shaped Teeth
Rolling Papers Included
Compact & Travel-Friendly

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