MJ Arsenal Atlas Vape Edition

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The Atlas Vape Edition is designed to revolutionize handheld vaporizer technology, built upon the success of our Atlas Mini Dab Rig. This innovative rig features a DabCap that transforms any standard vaporizer pen into a highly portable bubbler, delivering a smooth and unique smoking experience on-the-go. Equipped with a versatile female spout, this rig accommodates most circular tip vaporizers, making it the perfect complement to your favorite pen for enhanced functionality and convenience. Its double ball design keeps water in close contact with vapor for maximum filtration, while a wide 2.4-inch base provides exceptional stability. Innovative features, such as a 360-degree honeycomb-style percolator and Faberge body design, offer minimal drag and maximum filtration, resulting in a smooth and cough-free inhale with amplified concentrate flavor. Despite its compact size, the Atlas Vape Edition boasts a voluminous chamber, ensuring optimal airflow and a clean, enjoyable hit every time.

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