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The Vapium Summit Plus portable vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer which has been designed with adventure in mind. taking design cues from modern outdoors and climbing equipment, the Summit Plus vaporizer has a self-contained stir cool and a splash proof shell. This dry herb vaporizer features a stainless steel vapor path for easy cleaning and strong construction. The low resistance battery features pass-thru charging to allow the user to vape while charging. The combination of rough exterior and full-featured tech gives the user the best of both worlds for vaping.

Portable vaporizers are meant to be portable, but rarely are they designed to be exposed to the elements or rigorous demands of the outdoors. That's where the Vapium Summit Plus portable vaporizer sets itself from the pack, with a designated outdoors design and feel, this dry herb vaporizer may just go harder than you. Under the hood the Vapium Summit features preset temperature settings which can all be accessed from the single button on the front. The unit heats up in forty-five seconds and utilizes convection heating to ensure your dry herb doesn't combust.


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