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Circ Perc Bongs (Showerhead Disc)

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Circ Perc Bongs (Showerhead Disc)

Step into the world of seamless diffusion and exceptional functionality with our captivating collection of circ perc bongs. Circ percs are a subcategory of showerhead percolatorsย and are usually found in the base of the bong, oftentimes connected to a fixed downstem. Circ percs are also known as showerhead disc percs or puck percs because of their round, circular, hockey puck-like appearance.ย Circ percย bongs pack a lot of filtration power inside a small amount of space. With each inhale, experience the symphony of bubbles as they intertwine with water, producing a captivating dance that ensures a remarkably smooth and flavorful hit. The circ percโ€™s efficiency lies in its ability to disperse smoke evenly, resulting in a cooling effect that elevates your smoking experience. Whether youโ€™re a purveyor of fine filtration or an admirer of elegant design, our circ perc bongs are the epitome of both style and substance, promising a journey into the realm of unparalleled satisfaction.

Circ Perc Bongs (Showerhead Disc)

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