Pulsar 18.5” Doubled Up Transforming Bong

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Color: Transparent Blue Glass
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Step into a world of versatility and ease with the Pulsar Doubled Up Transforming Bong, a marvel of modern smoking technology. Constructed from high-grade borosilicate glass, this bong stands out with its completely modular design, allowing for full disassembly. This feature not only provides a deeply satisfying customization experience but also makes cleaning a breeze. The journey of the smoke begins with the fixed downstem, leading into the base chamber's disc percolator, where initial filtration occurs. This chamber is beautifully adorned with blooming flowers, fungi, and vine decorations, creating a miniature oasis right in your living room. For those seeking an even smoother hit, an optional top chamber featuring a 12-arm tree percolator can be attached, doubling the smoothness of the smoke.

When fully assembled, the Pulsar Doubled Up Transforming Bong reaches an impressive height of 18.5” inches, making it a standout piece in any collection. The beauty of this bong lies in its customizable build, allowing for many different configurations to suit your preferences. The base chamber is designed to accommodate 1 to 2 users simultaneously, while the addition of both chambers allows for use by 1 or 3 users. For any unused connection joints, compatible glass plugs are thoughtfully included, ensuring a seamless smoking experience. The bong also comes with three joint plugs and matching optional plastic clips for added convenience.

Included with the bong is a 14mm male herb slide, fitting perfectly with the modular design. Multiple color accent options are available, allowing you to personalize the bong to match your style. Whether you're a solo smoker or enjoying a session with friends, the Pulsar Doubled Up Transforming Bong offers a unique and customizable smoking experience, combining aesthetic beauty with functional versatility.

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