Discontinued Gilded Glass Bubblers

Travel back in time with our Secret Stash from the past! When we transitioned from a wholesale operation selling to local smoke shops into a consumer-based online head shop, there were naturally some items misplaced in the process. Just when we thought everything had been straightened out, we came across a storage unit with some vintage glass pieces that you can’t even find anymore!

Glass bongs, dab rigs and bubblers

No longer in business, you simply can’t find BoroTech or Gilded Glass pipes anymore. Nor can you find any Pokémon themed Empire Glassworks pieces as a result of various lawsuits. The products in our new Secret Stash collection have been rebranded or forced to discontinue production so the glass pipes, dab rigs & bubblers listed below have become true collectors items. We always heavily wrap our products within airtight containers so the quality of each piece was never compromised. Instead, these pristine gems have been preserved in storage for a few lucky glass connoisseurs to add to their collection!

Read more about these exclusive glass pipes & torches below or click here to see the entire collection of discontinued items!

Empire Glassworks Pokéflute Hand Pipe

We all agreed here at CaliConnected that our favorite finding was this mint condition Empire Glassworks Pokeflute Hand Pipe. A classic example of the talented staff of glassmakers at Empire Glassworks since its beginnings, the Pokéflute chillum pipe was hand sculpted with custom-mixed colors and Pokemon-themed worked glass accents throughout.

Empire Glassworks Pokeflute Hand Pipe

Following a copyright infringement lawsuit involving the popular TV series, Empire Glassworks was forced to discontinue production of the Pokeflute hand pipe and any other Pokémon themed glassware. We searched high and low and this is likely the last unused Pokeflute hand pipe in existence. A great fit for any Pokémaster looking to finish collecting em’ all, this limited edition Empire Glassworks throwback is an extraordinarily rare collectors item that can be added to your stash today!

Borotech Swiss Recycler Bongs

This pair of magnificent water pipes were handcrafted by BoroTech Glass out of sunny Los Angeles, California. Known for creating some of the highest quality American-made glass on the market, BoroTech produced hands down the finest water pipes & dab rigs of their time. BoroTech was later rebranded to Honey Supply where you can still find exact duplicates of these glass pipes with redesigned colors & decals.

BoroTech Swiss Recycler Bongs

On the left is the BoroTech Swiss Cheeze Tunnel Recycler, a thick glass bong packed with a triple threat cooling process that will provide you the smoothest & cleanest rips of all-time. Originally designated as a dab rig, we threw in a 14.5mm glass bowl piece to make this Swiss Recycler dual compatible for use with both dry herbs & wax concentrates. On the right is the BoroTech Swiss Body Honeycomb Perc Recycler, equipped with a large & effective Swiss percolator that is positioned in the upper most part of the body. Highly fashionable with a decorative golden implosion marble that sits atop the honeycomb perc in the base, this BoroTech water pipe provides ultra refined smoke for big tasty rips. As if this thick glass bong wasn’t great enough, we threw in an 18mm quartz banger to make her dual compatible too!

Both of these BoroTech Swiss Recycler water pipes are accented with aqua colored glass accents that make for a stylish, yet highly functional, work of art you'll be proud to leave on display. Grab either of these limited edition Borotech Glass bongs today for truly one-of-a-kind collectors item you just can’t find anyplace else!

Gilded Glass Bubblers

Gilded Glass set the standard for luxury glassware with flashy 24k gold accents that made their glass bongs & dab rigs shine bright. With an emphasis on producing the finer things in life, Gilded Glass created a plethora of elegant designs that never compromised functionality, always with their signature high-class gold styling. Gilded Glass later rebranded as UPC and they adopted a polar opposite approach to their aesthetic. UPC still exists today where they are a thriving name in the glassware & counterculture industry.

Gilded Glass Dab Rig & Bubblers

Included in the roundup of these impeccable Gilded Glass classics is the 24k Bubbler Disc Dab Rig, as seen in the center of the picture above. This quaint mini rig stands 7” inches tall and features a fixed diffuser downstem, 14mm male joint paired with a premium quartz banger, and a classy bent neck mouthpiece that doubles as an effective splash guard. Decorated with lavish 24k Gold Decals and matching green slyme accents on the base & mouthpiece, this compact glass dab rig is a keeper for both novice smokers and seasoned veterans alike.

If you're looking for something exquisite for your dry herbs instead, take a gander at the Gilded Glass 24k Hammer Bubbler. Highlighted with green slyme accents, striking gold & black decals, and worked glass marble accents, this hammer bubbler is just as pleasurable to hold as it is to use. Looking for even more sophistication with your glass pipe? The Gilded Glass 24k Sherlock Bubbler will have you puffing your new pipe like a retro crime scene detective.

A testament to the quality craftsmanship and innovative designs from Gilded Glass, the UPC Platinum Hammer Bubbler and the UPC Platinum Sherlock Bubbler are exact replicas! Not only does UPC still sell the same designs, these glass bubbler pipes even have the same colored glass accents and “California Handmade” insignia. Spoil yourself today with these treats from the masters of self-indulgence at Gilded Glass before they’re gone forever!

ErrlyBird Torch Art

Before you settle in with one of these limited edition dab rigs, let's get you a top shelf accessory that follows suit. Following a number of copyright infringement lawsuits and artist-vendor disagreements, ErrlyBird Torch Art was forced to discontinue a countless variety of their most popular torch designs involving popular cartoons & TV Series. These Limited Release Errlybird Torches weren’t in our storage unit, but we did manage to stock up on some of the last few remaining and proudly offer them among these other discontinued products at an unheard of price point!

Limited Edition ErrlyBird Torch Art Torches

Roll a joint with “Beavis & Butthead,” grab a cold one with with “King of the Chill,” or relax between cooks with the “Breaking Bad” ErrlyBird Torch Art torch. Also available are two artist renditions of the Cartoon Series Rick & Morty--“Rick’s Story” features a parody of the movie ‘Toy Story’ while “Breaking Morty” is another comedic rendering of the TV series ‘Breaking Bad.’ Last but not least, the ErrlyBird “Wig Wag” Torch has brightly colored hippie themed artwork for all you nonconforming flower children out there. This design did not get removed from impending legal action, but it was discontinued when new designs were released in light of all this. These short-lived fleeting designs are no longer in stock on the Errlybird website and few to none remain left in circulation, so if one of these designs tickles your fancy its best to act now before they’re gone for good. 

Find these great glass bongs, bubblers, and other timeless classics that have been discontinued in our brand new Secret Stash collection available now while supplies last!




Is Borotech – specifically www.officialborotech.com – actually out of business? I’d never heard of them before but I recently purchased a couple rigs from their site… I received an order confirmation email and the funds were withdrawn from my bank account as you’d expect of any successful web transaction. I made the purchases on 08/08. It’s now 08/23 and despite several attempts at contacting the company I have not been able to gain any insight as to whether or not this company is even still in business; let alone planning to ever ship my rigs… I saw that it can take a while to receive a purchase from them but that same section of their site also states that orders placed before 2pm ship same day – after 2pm next day. This is clearly not the case.

I know this isnt really the right place for me to post this but when I search to find if they’re even still in business (their site definitely gives the impression they are), this article is one of the first hits I get from the search, so I guess I’m just hoping someone at Cali Connected is able to offer me a little insight into this.

REALLY appreciate any help anyone can offer, as I am presently several hundred dollars lighter for items that I dont even know are actually being processed/shipped.




Hey Billy,

Thanks for the positive feedback! We never had the chance to carry any glass from Honey Brand when BoroTech made the transition, but we can certainly attest to the high quality of UPC’s bongs & dab rigs and agree with you 100%.



I used to think back in the day Gilded Glass made some cheap glass bongs and bubblers then just decorated them up in gold to look flashy but I adore my UPC glass… who would’ve known they’re the same f-ing company! Really great article and awesome finds, its cool to see how the glass industry is changing so rapidly with rebranding etc. Might have to cop me that mini dab rig now !

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