The Best Gifts for Stoners

Let it smoke, let it smoke, let it smoke this holiday season with stoner gifts that even Stoner Claus would be impressed with. We all have those friends and family members who could use a little more spirit in their collection. Fortunately, we brought in a ton of new offerings this year that will make this holiday season one to remember (or not remember).

This holiday gift guide for stoners is here to save you the time and stress of searching for a gift this season. Curated with staff picks and customer favorites, there’s something for every special stoner on your list.

The best part of shopping from this list is that every product is ready to get shipped right to your doorstep! We also offer various shipping options in case you need something last minute, which, let’s not kid ourselves, is usually the case.

If nothing on our list below catches your eye, be sure to check out our annually updated Stoner Gifts & Stocking Stuffers collection to see all of our staff’s favorite holiday products this year! 

Without further delay, we begin our list of the Top 10 Gifts for Stoners of 2022 with this years hottest selling water pipe:

1. Prism Pipes Custom Bong

What better way to celebrate the special stoner in your life than to build a custom bong that meets all their expectations. We teamed up with Prism Pipes this year to offer a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience with our custom bong builder app that allows you to build your own bong online. Our Build a Bong app allows you to customize every part of your bong, including the neck, percolator, connectors, base, and downstem.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

Every water pipe created on our Custom Bong Builder app features a modular design that allows you to detach each component of the bong. This makes travel, storage, and cleaning a breeze. Individual parts can even be purchased separately if you want to mix and match colors, change functionality, or replace broken pieces.

If you’re unsure about building the perfect bong for your loved one, you can browse through Prism Pipes pre-built bong collection or send them a gift card so they can construct it themselves! Get a unique stoner gift that you can put your magic touch on with a custom bong from Prism Pipes.

2. Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bong

Are you shopping for a clumsy loved one this year? Then the Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bong will steal the show. This practically indestructible beaker bong features insulated walls that keep your bong water and hits cooler than the north pole!

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

These durable stainless steel bongs come in a variety of different colors to match any preference. Like our custom bongs, the Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bong also features a modular design where the base comes apart from the neck and can be customized with a different colored neckpiece or base. Get a water pipe built to survive for many holiday seasons with the Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bong.

3. Invincibowl Indestructible Bowl Piece

Let’s talk stockings. The Invincibowl is the perfect stocking stuffer present built to last the test of time with its tough aluminum construction. These replacement water pipe bowls feature 14mm male joints and are made for water pipes with a 14mm female joint, so just confirm the size of your mate’s bong joint before purchasing. 

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

The Invincibowl Indestructible Bowl Piece also makes a very nice pairing to the Chill Steel Pipes Beaker Bong to create a completely unbreakable set. Avoid the disappointment of broken glass and get a gift that will last your loved one a lifetime with the Invincibowl Bowl Piece!

4. Pulsar RIP Series Gravity Bong

The Pulsar RIP Series Gravity Bong pumps out more smoke than a chimney! If the person you are shopping for likes vaping, this unique gravity bong comes with a vaporizer attachment so they can harness the power of water filtration for their favorite pre-filled cartridges. The Pulsar RIP Gravity Bong features a vase-shaped chamber made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and the top is made of indestructible silicone. This piece is perfect for holiday parties or just chilling at home, but will have your friends flying higher than Santa’s sleigh after a single rip.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

5. Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer

The UNI Pro 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer is the perfect stocking stuffer for the pre-filled cartridge lover in your life. This universal vaporizer fits pre-filled cartridges of all shapes and sizes using an adjustable height/width functionality at the top of the device, which eliminates the guesswork of finding compatible cartridges for your vaporizer, or vice versa.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

The Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 Vaporizer has a metallic body, so it’s built to survive accidental drops. It comes with a 650 mAh battery with USB-C charging for longer sessions and less charging time. If your loved one doesn’t leave the house without their pre-filled cartridges, then they will cherish the UNI Pro 2.0 Universal Cartridge Vaporizer. 

6. Ongrok Odor Eliminating Spray

Does your friend’s house smell like a skunk whenever you visit? Then the Ongrok Odor Eliminating Spray is the perfect last second stoner gift you’ve been searching for. Ongrok’s Odor-Eliminating Spray is all-natural and can be used on all types of surfaces and fabrics without worrying about chemical damage. These spray bottles are perfect for keeping stashed around the house or car, and will quickly eliminate any smokey stench.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

7. 420 Cardz (Joint Holder Greeting Cards)

First off, it’s always proper gift etiquette to include a card with any present. Sure, Hallmark is chill for your run-of-the-mill soccer mom. But stoner moms, and stoners generally, deserve more. 420 Cardz specializes in greeting cards tailored specifically to cannabis lovers and allow you to gift a pre-rolled joint with your card! 

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

420 Cardz offers a variety of cards to choose from, and they all come with pre-rolled joint holders that allow you to give the gift of ganja. Simply place any pre-rolled joint (not included) inside the joint holder, remove the adhesive, attach it to the card, and get ready to be appreciated. The joint holder fits just about any brand of standard size pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, so make sure you roll the fattie your stoner friend deserves!

8. My Bud Vase Turtle Bong

If you’re shopping for someone who enjoys the finer things in life, then My Bud Vase Bongs will make an excellent gift. My Bud Vase specializes in vase-style bongs that can easily blend in with your everyday decor and the Turtle is no different. 

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

The Turtle Bong is the latest offering from My Bud Vase and features green and brown mosaic tiles that resemble a turtle shell. When the Turtle Bong is not in use, it can be decorated just like a Christmas tree with the included wooden bracelet and seeded fig floral arrangement.

This water pipe is the perfect stoner gift for any friend that likes unique bongs, and as an added benefit, they won’t have to hide it away at their holiday gatherings!

9. Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Talk about easing the stress of holiday travel! The Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong is a stealthy stoner’s dream and features a screw-on lid that contains your bong water inside the bottle while on the move. The lid conceals a hidden ceramic bowl piece below the mouthpiece and connects to a downstem disguised as a straw.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

The Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong is the perfect gift for someone who could get stuck with their judgemental family for the holidays and will be in desperate need of a sneaky escape.

10. Space King Glass Rolling Tray

There no better time to gather, celebrate, and roll up then the holidays! This particular stoner gift is ideal for anyone that prefers a nicely rolled joint or blunt to consume their herb. The Space King Glass Rolling Tray features trippy artwork with an Ape-stronaut Astro-Traveling through a far away galaxy. Unlike aluminum or metal rolling trays, this tray is made with glass, so it’s heat resistant and can be easily cleaned with some isopropyl alcohol.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners

This wraps up (pun intended) the list of our Best Holiday Gifts for Stoners in 2022! We hope this list helps you find something that excites the cannabis fanatic in your life. Don’t forget to browse our annually updated Stoner Gifts & Stocking Stuffers collection for more inspiration and 420-friendly holiday products!

Happy Holidaze!

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