Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

Searching for the best beaker bong on the market right now? Look no further! We compiled a detailed list of the top ten beaker bongs for sale this year.

Beaker bongs are popular among stoners because they feature large water chambers that allow you to build big clouds of smoke while still delivering smooth, cool hits. They are also known to be better for clumsy smokers since the water weight in the base keeps them more stable.

Moreover, beaker bongs just look awesome. The beaker bong shape is the staple design for glass water pipes and instantly recognizable all around the world. 

Our list of the best beaker bongs this year includes a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. We included highly-rated fan favorites, staff picks, and newly released beaker bongs that are fresh on the scene.

Whether youre a seasoned smoker or just starting out, we recommend checking out these ten beaker bongs:

1. Higher Standards 14” Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

First and foremost is the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong. This American-made beaker bong is an all-time favorite for our staff because it’s a workhorse with a clean and simple design. 

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong can take a beating, and consistently offers large smooth rips. It’s made of thick borosilicate glass like the name implies, and features a wide base for stability. 

Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong comes with a thick glass bowl piece, diffuser downstem, an ice mold for filling the neck with ice, and reusable box that doubles as a travel case to bring your beaker bong with you on the go.

If you prefer a clean, tasteful aesthetic with reliable functionality, be sure to check out the Heavy Duty Beaker from Higher Standards. 

2. Marley Natural Walnut Wood Beaker Bong

The Marley Walnut Beaker Bong is a thing of beauty. The wood accents on the beaker base and neck are crafted from sustainably sourced black walnut wood and make this bong truly one of a kind. It’s also highly practical.

The walnut wood base provides an excellent grip, while the borosilicate glass beaker is very thick. This beaker bong also has an ice catcher that allows you to fill the neck with ice cubes to cool your smoke. 

Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

Our favorite feature of the Marley Natural Walnut Wood Beaker Bong is that the wooden pieces can be unscrewed from the glass which makes this water pipe insanely easy to clean!

If you want a classy statement piece that says you enjoy the finer things in life, this beaker bong should be at the top of your list. 

3. LA Pipes 20” 5mm Thick Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong

With LA Pipes, what you see is what you get. There’s no shiny bells and whistles on this water pipe, just thick American-made glass. This beaker bong is handcrafted in Los Angeles from 5mm thick glass and definitely gives you the biggest bang for your buck regarding size and durability. 

Top Ten Beaker Bongs For Sale

The LA Pipes 5mm Thick Double Showerhead Beaker Bong has two showerhead percolators in the middle of the neck for maximum water filtration and a built-in ice catcher that can be filled with ice for icy cool hits.

This water pipe is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to beaker bongs and has a price point that can’t be beat when it comes to bongs of this size!

4. Eyce Indestructible 13” Silicone Beaker Bong

The Eyce Beaker is the ideal bong for accident-prone smokers. This beaker bong can withstand just about anything you throw at it since it’s made of platinum-cured silicone.

The best part about the Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is that it comes with a glass downstem and bowl. These glass components offer smoother hits, similar to what you’d expect from a glass bong.

Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

The removable pieces and built-in storage make the Eyce Beaker Bong our favorite travel-ready water pipe on this list. The Eyce Beaker is also super easy to clean and is one of the most reviewed bongs on the market.

If you consider yourself a clumsy smoker or you need a practically indestructible water pipe that wont get smashed to pieces while on road, the Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is a no-brainer.  

5. TAG 18” Beaker Bong

The TAG 18” Beaker Bong is a premium glass water pipe that wont break the bank. TAG, which is an acronym for Thick Ass Glass, builds all of their beaker bongs with super thick borosilicate glass.

This beaker in particular is available in your choice between 7mm or 9mm glass thickness, both of which are much wider than than industry average of 3-5mm.

Top Ten Beaker Bongs for Sale

The TAG 18” Beaker Bong is equipped with an ice catcher for filling the neck with ice cubes, diffuser downstem that filters your smoke through water, a clear glass bowl piece for flower, and a plastic keck clip to secure the downstem inside the beaker base.

If durability is critical for you, look no further than the TAG 18” Beaker Bong. As the brand name states, this is truly some thick ass glass!

6. Prism Pipes 20” Spaced Out Tree Perc Beaker Bong

This next bong is literally out of this world! The Prism Pipes Spaced Out Beaker Bong is covered in space-themed decals from top to bottom that will leave you admiring its beauty with every hit.

Beaker bongs are known for providing smooth hits, and the Spaced Out Beaker is no different. This water pipe has a tree perc for in the middle of the neck for an extra layer of water filtration and an ice catcher above that for adding ice. 

Best Rated Beaker Bongs

From the key lime green accents to the far out astronaut and alien decals, the Prism Pipes Spaced Out Beaker Bong is sure to turn some heads. Our favorite feature of this piece (and every Prism Pipes bong) is that each section is held together by metal connectors that make the bong easy to disassemble and customize.

No glass bongs are easier to clean, replace or upgrade than our modular beaker bongs from Prism Pipes!

7. Grav® 13” Empress Water Pipe

This water pipe takes the cake when it comes to unique designs within our top ten beaker bongs. The Grav Empress Beaker Bong has a pinched neck right above the base that works as an ergonomic grip while using the bong, and doubles as an ice catcher with the right-sized ice cubes! 

Top Rated Beaker Bongs

The Grav Empress Bong is equipped with a fixed downstem that leads to an 8-slit percolator, which gives you all the diffusion and filtration you could ask for. The base measures six inches wide, resulting in strong stability even at the modest height of 13” inches tall.

If you’re searching for a beaker bong with a modern aesthetic, the Grav Empress Water Pipe will be right up your alley. 

8. Empire Glassworks 14” Hootie’s Forest Beaker Bong

The Hootie’s Forest Beaker Bong is a work of art that could be featured in a museum! This beaker bong has so many intricate details that you almost don’t want to use it for fear of breaking something. But, of course, it is a bong and meant to be cherished and used like all other bongs. 

Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

The Hootie’s Forest Beaker Bong features everything you would encounter in Hootie’s Forest, from the owls and trees to mushrooms and leaves.

This unique, American-made beaker bong is handmade by Empire Glassworks in California along with the rest of their highly-detailed water pipes.

9. Famous Designs 12” Octagon Beaker Bong

The Famous Designs Octagon is a unique beaker bong from Famous Brandz with, you guessed it, an 8-sided octagon base! This vibrant beaker bong still has all the same performance features you would expect from a beaker bong but with a slightly new shape.

Cheap Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

The Octagon Beaker Bong is covered in a multicolor, futuristic geometric design with the Famous Designs star decal on the bottom of the base. This bong is a customer favorite for its eye-catching design and price point of under $100.

10. Grav® 8” UFO Shaped Wide Base Beaker Bong

Last but not least, Grav fashioned this unique beaker bong in the shape of a UFO. The Grav Wide Base Beaker Bong packs a larger punch than what is typically seen with an 8-inch beaker because of the bongs extra-wide base that can hold more volume than similar sized water pipes.

Best Beaker Bongs for Sale Online

The Grav Wide Base Beaker Bong has a fixed downstem that leads to a conical fission percolator for advanced water filtration. The borosilicate glass is clear with a sandblasted GRAV decal.

This beaker bong is one of Grav’s best-sellers with excellent feedback on its aesthetics and functionality!

Wrapping it Up:

We hope this list of our top 10 beaker bongs has helped narrow down the search for your next water pipe! As with any glass pipe, finding the best beaker bong will come down to personal preference and what you value the most. Whether you want a durable, travel-friendly beaker, or a jaw-dropping artistic water pipe to keep on display, there’s a beaker bong out there for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and happy smoking!

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