Wulf Mods Razr Nectar Collector & Hot Knife 🍯

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Color: Black & Green
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The Wulf Mods Razr is the swiss army knife of dabbing with its ability to switch from an electric dab knife to a nectar collector in seconds. The Razr comes with a ceramic knife tip to cut through your concentrates and load them into your wax pen or banger with ease. If you don’t have a vape pen or rig on hand, you can easily switch to the ceramic nectar tip to directly vaporize your concentrates. Each tip has a magnetic connection and can be changed once the tips cool down. The Razr also comes with a magnetic cap, so your hot tips don’t burn your fingers or pockets. This nectar collector dab knife has single-button controls and two temperatures that can be changed by clicking three times. Don’t waste your money on two different tools when the Wulf Mods Razr does the job of a nectar collector and hot knife!

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Razr Nectar Collector & Hot Knife
Variable Voltage 3.3v-3.7v
Single Button Controls
Rapid Charge Time
USB-C Charging
Simple to Use
Ceramic Knife Tip
Ceramic Atomizer Tip
Calibrated Heat Source
Electronic Nectar Collector
Electronic Heated Dab Tool
Cut & Load Concentrates with Ease

*Caution: The Wulf Mods Razr ceramic tip gets very hot. Use the cap to store when finished. 

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