Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship Bubbler

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Color: Milky Purple
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Conceived in outer space and designed in California, the Lightship Bubbler has an eccentric look backed by superb functionality. Brand new to Snoop Dogg’s lineup of Smoking Pounds glassware, the Lightship is a sleek & modern bubbler pipe crafted from high quality borosilicate glass. The diffuser downstem cools your smoke down by filtering each rip through water for unbelievably smooth inhales. The bowl features a built in honeycomb screen and protects you from unwanted materials and ash pulling through while smoking. The Lightship Hammer Bubbler is equipped with a flat tipped mouthpiece for a more comfortable draw and available in several bold colors to match any vibe. Each Lightship Bubbler has Snoop's signature inscribed on the neck and a Smoking Pounds fist decal on the front of the glass. Look up to the stars and take a cosmic journey with the Lightship Hand Pipe from Famous Brandz!

Snoop Dogg Pounds Lightship Bubbler

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Smoking Pounds Lightship Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Sleek, Modern Design
Flat Tip Mouthpiece
Diffuser Downstem
Built-In Screen

7” inch Length
Left Side Air Carb
Bright Accent Colors
Custom Collector's Box

Portable & Travel-Friendly
Smoking Pounds Fist Decal

Snoop Dogg's Signature Decal
Thick Scientific Glass Water Pipe
Famous Brandz x Snoop Dogg Collab

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