Roast & Toast Ashtray & Stash Jar Set

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Design: Stoner Dad
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This Ashtray and Stash Jar Combo Set from Roast & Toast has everything you need to elevate your smoke spot. This complete set includes a thick glass ashtray for emptying your spent materials and an airtight glass storage jar for keeping your stash fresh. The ashtray measures 3.5” inches in diameter and features four built-in slots for holding your hand-rolled products, while the star jar measures 4” inches tall with the lid on top. The Ashtray & Stash Jar Set features high-quality graphics that are printed directly onto the glass, so you won’t need to worry about them coming off over time. Both pieces feature original Roast & Toast artwork.

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Roast & Toast Ashtray & Stash Jar Set
High Quality Printed Graphics
Ashtray: 3.5” inches Wide
Stash Jar: 4” inches Tall
Airtight Glass Stash Jar
Thick Glass Ashtray
Matching Gift Box
Original Artwork

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