Revelry Stowaway Smell-Proof Bag

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Color: Green
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The unique Stowaway from Revelry Supply is the most versatile bag in their lineup of smell-proof luggage. This compact & travel-friendly bag is catered for on-the-go use and quick trips whenever needed. The Stowaway is equipped with external zippered pockets and an inner divider that provides enough space to securely fit all of your travel essentials. The Stowaway’s Carbon Filter System is constructed from odor-absorbing charcoal and two synthetic filters ensuring odors from your herbs or concentrates can’t escape. 

Revelry Stowaway Bag

Like their other premium luggage, the Revelry Stowaway boasts a hybrid design that wouldn’t be complete without the stylish rubber-backed nylon exterior. The rubber ensures the Stowaway bag remains durable and water resistant, providing you with peace of mind when traveling with your valuables. The Stowaway has a lockable design and features a waterproof zipper, further working to keep your contents secure and smells inside. To get your Stowaway bag looking and smelling as good as new, simply place it in your dryer for a few minutes to release any absorbed odors. Sporting an invincible Carbon Filter System and resilient rubber-backed exterior, the heavily-padded Stowaway will deliver a safe and odorless travel experience every use!

Revelry Stowaway Bag

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Revelry Smell-Proof Stowaway Bag
Advanced Carbon Filter System
Rubber-Backed Nylon Exterior
Water-Resistant Construction
Genuine Leather Accents
Custom Protective Lining 
External Zipper Pocket
Waterproof Zippers
Metal Hardware
Padded Interior
Inner Divider
Easy to Clean
5 Liter Volume
Contemporary Colors
Smell-Proof Travel Bag
Activated Charcoal Filters
Hybrid Odorless Technology
Measures 11” L x 6” W x 6” H

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