Revelry 9.5 Scout Hard Case

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If you’re looking for a protective, smell-proof case that you can customize to fit your favorite piece, the Revelry Scout Hard Case will have you covered and then some. This crazy rugged travel case features reliable fiberglass reinforcement and is both waterproof & shockproof, so it can handle any bumps or accidental mishaps you may face during your travels. The Revelry Scout is equipped with an ergonomic hinged handle and a double latch closure so you can hold it comfortably while keeping your items secure. The 9.5 Scout was built to fit an extra layer of foam so is deeper than the 8.5 with interior dimensions of 9.6" x 7.3" x 6” inches.

Once you open your Revelry Scout, you will see a removable ribbed foam lid, two thick removable rectangular foam inserts, and a thinner flat bottom insert. Simply remove the thick foam inserts, carve them with a knife or scissors to fit your desired piece, and reinsert the foam back inside. If you want your case extra smell-proof, make sure to apply the carbon patch over the pressure valve on the case’s interior to absorb any additional escaping odors. The Revelry Scout also comes with a metal nameplate that you can customize with your name and phone number if it ever ends up lost! Get the Revelry Scout Hard Case today and enjoy true peace of mind while traveling with your most treasured possessions.

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Revelry Supply 9.5 Scout Hard Case
Advanced Carbon Filter System
Fiberglass Reinforced Exterior
Water-Resistant Construction
Customizable Foam Inserts
Hinged Carrying Handle
Double Latch Closure
Easy to Clean
Easy to Set Up
Two Color Options
Nearly Indestructible
Smell-Proof Pipe Case
Automatic Pressure Valve
Hybrid Odorless Technology
Customizable Metal Nameplate
Interior Dimensions: 9.6" x 7.3" x 6"

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