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If you've ever smoked a bowl on the road, you’ve likely experienced the desperation of scrambling around to find a poker tool to help finish the job. If you were clever enough to use your shoelace ends, you know exactly where the inspiration for the Raw Poker Shoelaces came from. Made by Raw Rolling Papers and intended for smoking on-the-go, the Raw Poker Shoelaces are the first of its kind shoelace designed for stoners. The ends of the laces feature an extra long design made of metal and function as outstanding poker tools for assisting with your hand rolled products or emptying out your spent bowl packs!

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Compatible with Shoes! 👟
Raw® Poker Shoelaces
Extra Long Metal Ends
50" inches Long
Made in Spain
2 Shoelaces per Pack
Black with Red Raw Logos
Authentic Raw Brand Product 
Shoelace Ends Double as Poker Tools

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