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Examine, explore, and admire your favorite herbs with the ultra-handy Raw Perspector Magnifying Vision Enhancer! An absolute must-have for any self-proclaimed smoking aficionado, the Raw Perspector features a multi-use LED light magnifier glass with an adjustable arm and magnetic base. The bifocal lens can switch between 3 and 5 times magnification, and the LED light offers both ultraviolet and white light options! The Raw Perspector is designed with a magnetic metal base that can easily attach to your favorite Raw Rolling Tray. As if this helpful tool wasn’t already great enough, the base is equipped with built-in storage areas for your smoking accessories! Each Perspector comes ready for use with an included USB cable for quickly recharging the LED light battery. Perfect your craft and become a true smoking connoisseur with the Raw Perspector today!

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Raw® Perspector Vision Enhancer 🔍
3 and 5 times Magnification
UV & White Light Options
Magnifying Bifocal Lens
Fully Adjustable Arm
USB Charging LED Light
Accessory Storage in Base
Attaches to Base or Metal Rolling Trays

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