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An old-school creation from your favorite brand of rolling papers, the Raw Bamboo Rolling Mat will roll your joints for you! This rolling mat is made of all-natural bamboo and extremely easy to use for creating the perfect joint with every roll. To use, simply place a Raw rolling paper with the glue strip facing upwards about 10 bamboo straws from the bottom. Then distribute your materials over the first 10 exposed straws, moisten the gummed edge of your rolling paper, and fold the bottom of the mat over your materials (not including the paper). Simply press & roll the Raw Bamboo Rolling Mat from bottom to top and enjoy the easiest, most natural way to roll a perfect joint!

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Raw® Bamboo Rolling Mat
Made of Natural Bamboo
Rolls Perfect Joints
3.5” inches Wide
5” inch Length
Easy to Use
Authentic Raw Product
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Rolls Any Size up to 110mm

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