Randy’s Black Label Snaps - Alcohol Filled Cotton Swabs

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The perfect tool for cleaning all those hard to reach places on your dirty bongs and glass pipes, Randy’s Black Label Snaps are the most revolutionary cleaning product the glass industry has seen in years. Each Black Label Snap is filled with high-quality isopropyl alcohol that quickly removes stains & nasty residue buildup on your glass and contains two cotton swabs that can be used for scrubbing. Simply locate the swab containing a blue line and give it a swift “snap” in either direction to release the alcohol from the shaft (as seen in the video below). Hold the swab with the blue tip up to allow the alcohol to reach the bottom swab and you're free to wipe down any surface you wish to clean before disposing.

Randy’s Black Label Snaps work especially well on water pipe bowl pieces & downstems, quartz bangers & nails, hand pipes, bubblers, and handheld vaporizers too. They also work great on a multitude of everyday surfaces like laptop keyboards as well! Each pack of Randy’s Snaps includes 24 cotton swabs within a hard shell container for safe storage. 

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Randy’s Black Label Snaps
Alcohol Filled Cotton Cleaning Swabs
Made for Glass Bongs & Water Pipes
Perfect for Hard to Reach Places
Works on a Variety of Surfaces
Removes Residue Buildup
Two-In-One Tool
Easy to Use
Cleaning Accessory
24 Cotton Swabs per Pack
Hard Shell Storage Container
2 x Absorbent Cotton Tips per Swab 

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