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These new gravity bongs will have you floating on cloud nine. The Pulsar Gravity Bong is made from borosilicate glass and stands 11.5” inches tall, which is more than enough space to take massive hits of your favorite herb. They come in trippy designs with unique artwork from some of Pulsar’s best artists. The kit includes a glass vase, glass bottle, and a large 18mm male funnel bowl piece to fit inside the 18mm female mouthpiece.

Place the bottle in the vase, fill enough water, so there is about half an inch of space, and place your packed bowl in the mouthpiece. Once you are ready, light the bowl and slowly lift the bottle until it is filled with smoke. Hold the bottle in place while removing the bowl piece and gently push the bottle back into the vase, which will cause the smoke to shoot into your lungs. Graduate from the plastic bottle you used in college to the glass Pulsar Gravity Bong today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Pulsar Large Gravity Water Pipe
Platinum-Cured Silicone Lining

Premium Borosilicate Glass
Trippy Custom Artwork
Easy to Use
11.5” inches Tall
18mm Female Joint
18mm Funnel Bowl Piece
Scientific Glass Gravity Bong

Box Includes:

1 x Large Pulsar Bottle 
1 x Large Pulsar Base
1 x Pulsar 18mm Funnel Bowl

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