Pulsar 18.5” Dual Jellyfish Perc Water Pipe

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Accent Colors: Bright Green
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This daunting 18.5” inch tall monster beaker bong from Pulsar offers the biggest hits imaginable without the sting. The Dual Jellyfish Perc Water Pipe utilizes two Jellyfish percolators housed within separate chambers inside the neck that work together to cool your smoke and provide clean rips. The Jellyfish perc is essentially what is better known in the glass industry as a tree perc, using multiple arms with slits at the end to extend the airpath and diffuse your smoke through water. However, the matching colored glass stems and domes on these percolators definitely make the jellyfish name more suitable for this bong. 

The Dual Jellyfish Perc Water Pipe features a massive beaker base that remains sturdy on any flat surface when weighed down by the water inside, making it a great bong for clumsy smokers. While the matching Jellyfish Percs steal the spotlight, this bong has even more to offer as the removable diffuser downstem adds supplemental filtration inside the beaker base. Topping things off, the triple-pinch ice catcher can be stacked with cubes and used to cool your smoke to freezing temps. Pulsar pieces are always easy on the eye, particularly this huge water pipe with its matching colored accents and sleek Pulsar decal printed on the front of the glass. Get the Pulsar Dual Jellyfish Perc Water Pipe today for a bong that is easy on both your lungs and your wallet!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Pulsar Dual Jellyfish Perc Bong
Premium Borosilicate Glass
6-Slit Diffuser Downstem
Triple Pinch Ice Catcher
2 Jellyfish Percolators
Sturdy Beaker Base
18.5” inches Tall
45° Joint Angle
Removable Stem
Black Pulsar Decal
14mm Female Joint
Rounded Mouthpiece
14mm Male Bowl Piece
Matching Colored Accents
Thick Scientific Glass Bong

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