Pulsar 5.5” Desert Mirage Dab Rig Set

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Discover the allure of the desert with the Pulsar Desert Mirage Dab Rig Set, a comprehensive and stylish kit designed for an enhanced dabbing experience. This set is meticulously crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance, ensuring longevity and pure flavor. The mini rig, standing at 5.5”  inches tall, features a dome-shaped chamber that houses an intricately designed saguaro cactus disc percolator.

The Pulsar Desert Mirage Dab Rig Set is aesthetically pleasing with its earth-toned stripe accents that beautifully complement the exterior joint connection, the wide mouthpiece, and the mini saguaro vortex carb cap. This carefully considered design evokes the serene beauty of the desert, bringing a touch of nature to your dabbing sessions. Each rig in the set includes a 14mm male quartz banger and two terp beads, enhancing the cooling and flavor of your dabs.

The saguaro cactus disc percolator is a standout feature, not only for its unique appearance but also for its functionality in providing smooth, cooled hits. The matching cactus vortex-style carb cap adds an extra layer of control to your dabbing experience, allowing you to adjust the airflow and vapor concentration. The inclusion of terp beads further optimizes the dabbing process, retaining heat and ensuring even vaporization of your concentrates. The Pulsar Desert Mirage Dab Rig Set is perfect for both beginners and seasoned dabbers, offering everything needed for a satisfying and visually stunning dabbing experience.

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