Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar

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Color: Blue Ridge Haze
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Refresh your vaping experience with the DL 2.0 Mist Series, the latest iteration of the beloved 510 cartridge vaporizer. This variable voltage vape is designed with a sleek profile, making it perfectly suited for discreet use. Easily slip it in and out of your pocket for a quick, unnoticeable puff. The auto-draw functionality emulates the ease of a bar-style disposable vape, allowing effortless puffs with just a gentle draw. For those who prefer more control, the vape includes single-button functionality, enabling manual operation. The innovative LED light ring at the base clearly indicates your voltage setting and power level, ensuring discretion without the need for a conspicuous display.

The upgraded Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 features a slightly larger design than its predecessor, accommodating a broader range of 510 cart sizes, from 1mL to 2mL. This subtle increase in size also allows for a significantly larger battery, offering about double the power of the original DL model for more prolonged enjoyment between charges. Experience a new level of vaping with the added 2.8V heat setting, perfect for lower temperature draws that produce mistier, flavor-rich clouds. Additionally, a built-in safety feature automatically shuts off the heat after 10 seconds of use, preserving the integrity of your cartridges and preventing overheating. The Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 maintains its reputation for stealthy, reliable performance. Simply insert your preferred 510 cartridge, attach the magnetic base, and you're set for an enjoyable, inconspicuous vaping session.

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