Pulsar Titanium Carb Cap w. Removable Dabber

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The Pulsar Titanium Carb Cap is made with highly durable Grade 2 Titanium for its strength, longevity, and heat-resistant properties to ensure high-quality dabs with every use. If you're new to carb caps, this essential dabbing accessory is pivotal for rigs with domeless nails. The Pulsar Titanium Carb Cap provides full control over the size of each dab and allows you to cap your nail if you happen to take a rip that's too big to finish inhaling without burning precious concentrate vapor off the top. This 2-piece titanium carb cap features a removable dabber tool handle for maneuvering your sticky wax concentrates with ease and allows this accessory to stand upright between uses. Pulsar’s 2-part Titanium Carb Cap fits over domeless nails with 19mm and 22mm outer diameters. 

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Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯 
Pulsar 2-Part Titanium Carb Cap
Durable Grade 2 Titanium
Removable Dabber Tool
Made for Domeless Nails
Stands Upright Between Dabs 
Fits 19mm & 22mm Diameter Nails

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