Plastic Keck Clips - Holds Glass on Glass Joints

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Title: 14mm / Yellow
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Keep it together with these Plastic Keck Clips designed to secure glass-on-glass joints. Available in a multitude of colors & joint sizes, these Plastic Keck clips work to prevent the separation of your glass joints while adding a little flair to your glass bong or water pipe. The 14.5mm & 18.8mm sizes are perfect for holding a downstem in place while removing your bowl piece each rip. They also work great for securely attaching ashcatchers, drop downs, charcoal filters, or adapters to your favorite glass bong! The 44mm extra large Keck Clip is more commonly found on detachable bongs with glycerin-filled freezable mouthpieces or similar attachments that get added to a separate glass base. Pick one up today always stay connected with these affordable Plastic Keck Clips from CaliConnected. 

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Designed for Water Pipes & Bongs
CaliConnected Colored Keck Clips
Secures Water Pipe Attachments
Holds Glass on Glass Joints
Multiple Colors
Flexible Acrylic Materials
Durable Plastic Joint Clamps
14mm, 18mm & 44mm Joint Sizes

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