Piece Water® Solution: Bong Water Alternative

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Do you find yourself spending more time changing the water in your bongs and rigs than you do enjoying them? Enter Piece Water Solution, the 100% all-natural replacement to your basic tap water. When using standard tap water in your water pipes, resin can quickly accumulate on the walls of your glass and begin to add an unsavory taste & odor to your smoke. Piece Water Solution is made from a proprietary blend of natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts that work together to coat the walls of your glass pipes and act as a line of defense against resin buildup. Piece Water Solution works great inside any of your glassware including bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, and even with vaporizers that use bubbler attachments!

Piece Water Solution Bong Water Alternative

Piece Water Solution ingredients are all-natural and entirely non-toxic. The ingredients work as a natural filter for trapping particulate matter, encouraging more molecule-to-molecule interactions which entrap by-products of smoke and stops resin from forming. As an added bonus, Piece Water Solution has a slightly thicker consistency compared to standard tap water that allows for deeper pulls and bigger rips! You can toss a bottle of Piece Water in the fridge for icy cool rips on your first fill and this unique bong water alternative is even suitable for silicone pipes too!

Piece Water Solution Bong Water Alternative

Each 12 oz bottle of Piece Water will fill a 12” inch tall water pipe about 6 times and works best for about 40 bowl packs on average. When it’s time to change your bong’s Piece Water Solution, simply rinse your glass pipe with tap water as seen in the video below and it will be astonishingly clean! Put an end to constantly having to clean your dirty glass bongs and dab rigs from built-up resin & gunk. No more harsh chemicals and engineering ways to scrub down those hard to reach places inside your glass. Grab a 12 oz bottle of Piece Water Solution, or save your money on a convenient 3-pack, and start enjoying a clean glass water pipe without the hassle!

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Piece Water Solution: Bong Water Alternative
Proprietary Blend of All-Natural Ingredients
Designed for Bongs, Bubblers & Rigs
Suitable for Silicone & Glass Pipes
Smoother & Deeper Draws
Eliminates Resin Buildup
Filters Particulate Matter
Reduces Smells/Odors
12oz Bottles (355mL)
Keeps your Bong Clean
6 Average Fills per Bottle
100% Natural Ingredients
Handmade in Small Batches
Lasts Roughly 40 Bowl Packs
Store in Refrigerator for Cool Hits!

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