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Off to the crypts you'll go to search for the latest MJ Arsenal Limited Edition Blunt Bubbler offering. The MJ Arsenal Rip’r Bubbler is part of MJ Arsenal's highly anticipated 2020 Halloween drop and features a smoked glass body in the shape of a human skull. Twist your cone, blunts, or pretty much any hand-rolled product right into the skull’s mouth and enjoy. Proceed with caution, however, for the scary smooth rips that your new skeletal friend will provide can creep up on you! The Rip’r Blunt Bubbler features a flared base that allows the skull to stand upright between uses and a built-in air carb in the right eye socket for clearing the smoke inside each rip. MJ Arsenal’s Rip’r Blunt Bubbler operates with a minimal amount of water needed and measures a compact 3.25” inches tall, making it the perfect piece for delivering ghostly clouds on-the-go.

MJ Arsenal Skull Blunt Bubbler

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Designed for Blunts, Joints & Pre-Rolls 🌿
MJ Arsenal Rip’r Blunt Bubbler
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Universal Female Joint 
Smoke Colored Glass 
3.25” inches Tall
Built-in Air Carb
Flared Base
Skull Themed
90° Joint Angle
Aquifer Perc System
Halloween Rollie Bubbler
Portable & Pocket-Friendly
MJ Arsenal 2020 Halloween Drop

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