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The quintessential holster for all of your glass cleaning tools, the ISO Station by MJ Arsenal was designed to keep your cotton swabs and cleaning solution right where you need it and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Simply fill the outer chamber with your preferred choice of isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution, then toss in some q-tips or pipe cleaners into the cup situated on top. Remove the rubber stopper to soak or dip your q-tips into the alcohol and you're good to go! The ISO Station includes a rubber cork to cap your cleaning solution between uses, and is finished with a classy sandblasted MJ Arsenal logo on the front of the clear glass. The MJ Arsenal ISO Station is the perfect companion for any smoker’s collection and offers a clean, elegant way to maintain your quartz and borosilicate glass more easily than ever before. Extend the life of your rigs, maximize the flavor of your oils, and do it all in style with the MJ Arsenal ISO Station.

MJ Arsenal ISO Station

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MJ Arsenal ISO Dab Station 
Eliminates Residue Buildup
Thick Clear Glass Body
Cleaning Accessory
Easy to Maintain
Unique Design
3” inches Tall
Simple to Use
Two-In-One Tool
Included Rubber Cork
Sandblasted MJA Decal
Holds Cleaning Tools on Top
Outer Chamber for Cleaning Solution

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