CaliConnected Online Smoke Shop - MJ Arsenal “Atlas” - Mini Dab Rig Bubbler
CaliConnected Online Smoke Shop - MJ Arsenal “Atlas” - Mini Dab Rig Bubbler

MJ Arsenal “Atlas” - Mini Dab Rig Bubbler

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The MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig features an eye-catching double ball design that makes the world--and the water--go round. This unique "double ball" design not only looks smooth but hits smooth too. The magical sphere maximizes the cooling process of your dabs and doubles as a splash guard, keeping water inside the chamber where it belongs and not in your mouth. A 360-degree fixed honeycomb percolator lies low within the base, forcing bubbles to rise from the very bottom of the chamber for maximum water filtration. Featuring breathtaking lines, clean welds and a spill-proof design, the pocket-friendly 6” inch MJ Arsenal Mini Rig places a world of new experiences in the palm of your hand.

Holding the MJ Arsenal “Atlas,” a super tiny glass dab rig bubbler at CaliConnected Online Headshop

Boasting extra-thick borosilicate glass, the MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig offers a fine balance between form and function. It not only looks solid with a crystal clear aesthetic, but preserves the essential flavors and effects of concentrates with a thermal-resistant airpath. An airtight seal from the flared mouthpiece down to the snugly fitting ground glass connection deliver vapor straight to your lungs when flavor and potency is at its best. With a 100% quartz crystal banger included, a world of flavor awaits you.

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Compatible with wax concentrates 🍯
MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig
Durable Pocket-Friendly Design
Double Ball Chamber
Honeycomb Perc
6” inches Tall
Flared Mouthpiece
100% Borosilicate Glass
Pure Quartz Nail Included
Ground Joint Glass Connection
Durable & Built to Last
Measures 6” x 5” x 3” inches

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