MagicalButter LoveGlove

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Handle your MagicalButter PurifyFilters safely with the MagicalButter LoveGlove. Dishwasher safe and non-absorbent, the LoveGlove is made from premium-grade silicone that is durable and resistant to heat, stains and odors. To prevent drops and spills when handling infusions, the LoveGlove comes equipped with the LoveGrip™, raised nubs that ensure a reliable non-slip grip. The MagicalButter LoveGlove was made for use with the MagicalButter Infuser and features a one-size-fits-all design. 

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Designed for the MagicalButter Edible Infuser
MagicalButter Replacement LoveGlove
Premium-Grade Non-Stick Silicone
One Size Fits All Design
Non-Slip LoveGrip™ 
Easy To Clean 
Heat Resistant 
Stain & Odor Resistant 
Waterproof & Dishwasher Safe 
Authentic MagicalButter Product

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