King Palm Slim - Natural Pre-Rolled Leaf Wraps

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Searching for the slowest burning & smoothest smoke of all time? Look no further than the King Palm Slim Pre-Rolled Leaf Wrap. King Palm offers the best hand-rolled natural leaves made from real Cordia Palm Leaf. These super slow-burning pre-rolled blunt wraps are completely free of tobacco, added flavors, chemicals, preservatives, and glue! The King Palm Slim Pre-Rolls each include an all-natural corn husk filter, one of the best filter tips you can find in the industry. These pre-installed filter tips will prevent loose dry herbs from pulling through while eliminating oils and resin from reaching your lips. You can also squeeze or bite the corn husk filter to mold it for a tighter draw.

King Palm Slim Pre-Rolled Blunt Wraps

King Palm Pre-Rolls arrive ready to go--simply grind your dry herbs and fill! Use the included all-natural packing tool to keep your dry herbs tightly compressed so there’s minimal air within the leaves, but without using extreme force. The packing tool will help ensure you create a tightly packed cone for the best slow-burning, natural smoke you can find. The King Palm Slim Pre-Rolled Cone is available in a convenient single pack that comes in an individually packaged tube, or you can bundle & save with one of our 2-packs, 5-packs, or 25-packs that arrive in resealable pouches with a Boveda Humidity Control pouch to keep things fresh. A much cleaner and higher quality smoke than any other blunt wrap on the market, stock up on some King Palm Slims today, and always be ready to light one up!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
King Palm Slim Natural Pre-Rolled Cones
Made from 100% Real Palm Leaf
Holds 1g of Material Each
Extremely Slow Burning
Included Packing Tool
Hand Rolled Leaf
Corn Husk Filter
Easy to Use
100% Organic
Wraps per Pack: 1
4.13” inches in Length
Save When you Buy More!
No Added Chemicals or Glue

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